About Us


Selling your car can be a tedious and time-consuming chore. But it doesn’t have to be. Private sellers listen up. Now there’s a quick, easy and nearly effortless way to bring in the big bucks! Not just another online marketplace for selling your car, Park and Bid is a revolutionary platform that intuitively connects private sellers with local dealerships desperate for inventory. The result is a mutually beneficial win-win transaction for both parties. Sell smarter, not harder. Get top dollar for your ride in a jiffy with our state-of-the-art car auction platform. Park and Bid is the no-brainer solution for drivers looking to sell or upgrade their vehicles and dealerships looking to snag up top quality inventory. Unlike the competition, we have ZERO affiliation with auction participating dealerships. This is because we endeavor to foster an honest, trustworthy and transparent car-selling experience. Rest assured your best interests always take the lead when selling your car with Park and Bid. No more dealing with sketchy strangers. No more time wasted on tire-kickers or test drives. No more outrageous listing fees that cut into your profits. Selling your car with Park and Bid is completely FREE. That’s right. We don’t require a listing fee or any other kind of compensation from sellers. List your car on Park and Bid and let the bidding war begin!


Our goal is to facilitate a safe and seamless online automotive auction experience that empowers sellers to confidently take control of their car selling journey. Sell your vehicle quickly, easily, efficiently and safely online without worrying about your safety, your sanity or your bottom line. Aiming to eliminate the stress, wasted time and uncertainty that often comes with selling a car, we’ve engineered our platform to simplify and expedite the process from start to finish. With just a few clicks, you can create a listing and watch as our network of reputable dealerships eagerly bid on your car. For our dealerships, we know that inventory is everything. That’s why we've built a platform that gives you access to a wide selection of high-quality vehicles listed for sale by private sellers from all across the country. Bid on and secure the inventory you need at a fair price, without the laborious hassles of paperwork, lead generation or negotiation. Best part? Unlike other auction platforms, we only charge a small final value fee to the winning bidder. Only 3% of the hammer price and capped at $289, our nominal fee ensures higher profit margins compared to other online auto auctions.


Why settle for a single penny less when you can Park and Bid your way to a simpler, more favorable deal? We believe that selling your car or bidding on vehicles should be an easy, enjoyable and profitable experience. This is why we've designed our online auctioning platform to be user-friendly, responsive and intuitive. No more haggling, going back and forth or posting classified ads that go unnoticed. At Park and Bid, we're revolutionizing the car-selling process for the better. We strive to build a community where trust and transparency are paramount, and where everyone involved can benefit from safe, hassle-free and mutually beneficial transactions.

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