Selling With Us

Submission is easy! Just click here to answer a few questions and send us a few photos. Your submission will be reviewed by one of your experts and if there are no issues, your car will be listed within 24 hours. You’ll receive an email when that happens.

The auction lasts 3 days. You’ll be notified when your car is listed, the final day of the auction as a heads up, and of course, when it’s over.

A reserve is your bottom dollar price- you set this value and the car will not sell unless it has met, or exceeded this value. To ensure a successful sale, we encourage you to set a reasonable reserve. Most users see success when they place a comparable reserve to an offer they’ve received at other purchasing dealerships. Don’t know where to start? Please contact us here and we’ll be happy to help!

Please contact us here and we can help. If the auction is within it’s final 24 hours, we cannot update the reserve. We will cancel and re-list for another three days.

Didn’t sell the first time around? Not a problem! Your car will be relisted automatically. We encourage you to consider lowering your reserve. Please contact us to update the reserve, or if you’d like to remove your new listing all together.

When the auction is over and a winner is announced, you and the winner will receive an email with each other’s contact information. The winner will reach out to you to coordinate payment and pick up of your car. If it has been beyond 24 hours and you have not heard from the winner, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Listing your car on Park and Bid is completely free! Once the auction is over, the winner is charged a small fee.

In the very unlikely event the winning bidder cannot complete the transaction, please contact us right away, and we’ll take steps to ensure a non paying bidder strike is recorded on their account. If the vehicle is not as desribed at the time of your submission, the buyer reserves the right to refuse continuing with the transaction.

No problem! Buyers will usually submit a payoff to your bank, and provide you with any overages. We encourage you to follow up with your bank after pay off has been submitted to avoid any late payment issues.

If you do not possess your title because you still owe on your vehicle, that’s no problem. The winning buyer will submit a bank pay off and provide you with any extra. If you misplaced the title, but the vehicle is in your name and appears on the registration documents, the winning buyer can help take care of any missing titles, however they may charge a small fee. If neither applies to you, please contact us before submitting your car for sale with your scenario. We’ll be happy to help.

Yes! Keep in mind that vehicles with a salvage title are typically valued far less than ones with a clean title, so please set any reserve appropriately.

Buying a Car

Applying is quick and simple. There are no third party apps to pay for with an internal, no cost verification process. Click here and answer a few questions, along with submitting a copy of your license. You’ll hear from us within 24 hours.

Park and Bid is looking to revolutionize the industry in helping keeping your costs low. As such, we only charge a small fee of 3% of the winning bid price. Our fee caps at $289, so you’ll never pay more than that!

Of course! Click here to view our current offerings. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to bid until you’ve submitted an application and it’s approved by our staff. If you’ve submitted an application, please allow 24 hours for us to review.

Once the auction is over and you’re the winning bidder, an email will be sent to both you and the buyer to coordinate payment and delivery amongst each other. Park and Bid does not charge you the hammer price, we only apply a charge for the final value fee. If you have trouble communicating with the seller, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide assistance.

Once you are declared the winning bidder, your card on file will be charged a 3% final value fee, not to exceed $289. There are no addtional fees to worry about!

Once the auction ends and your final fee has been charged, both the buyer and seller must communicate to arrange for payment and delivery. Should you have trouble communicating with your seller, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to offer communication

We list cars as they are approved on a daily basis. Every auction runs on a 3 day timer.

We certainly hope this isn’t the case! We encourage you to complete your due diligence before placing any bids, including but not limited to, reviewing any vehicle history reports. If you have questions regarding the vehicle and it’s condition, you have the option to post questions on the listing itself, and either our staff, or the seller will reply. In the unlikely event that a vehicle arrives mis-represented, you reserve the right to refuse payment to the seller and walk away from the transaction. If this is the case, your final fee is fully refundable. Please click here to contact us and request a fee credit.

Yes! As long as your a registered buyer on Park and Bid, you can bid on as many auctions as you like.

By bidding, you agree to the Park and Bid terms and conditions. Your bid is your intent to purchase the vehicle at your highest bid price. If you fail to complete a transaction through no fault of the seller, a non paying bidder strike will be recorded on your account, and your buying privliges may be limited or all togehter removed. If the vehicle turns out to not be as described, you may simply document the occurance (pictures, video, etc) and request a full refund of your final fee. Click here to contact us for a refund.

Park and Bid aims to save you money on your bottom line. Thats why we only charge a small 3% final value fee that caps at $289.
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